Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol Please Listen

Today, I took the survey on the American Idol website.

I used to really enjoy American Idol.  I started watching it towards the end of Season 2.  At one time it was "fun and exciting"  I tuned in religiously.

Not any more.

I think, judging from that survey I took, that American Idol knows they are tanking (should I use the expression "jumped the shark"?).  I'm glad I had the opportunity to help them to figure it out.

It was an interesting survey.  Major changes must be in the air.  Why else would they be asking questions about if Paula Abdul should return? (yes.  Her loopiness was entertaining and she really cared about the contestants).  Also, they suspiciously asked a lot of questions about Ellen DeGeneres.  Let's put it that way.  I love Ellen as queen of her own show.  But: she has never fit in on American Idol.  I think, in a way, that she tries too hard.  Maybe she feels extra pressure to prove herself.  But her strengths really don't show in that venue.  She's a totally different person, a naturally funny person being as unfunny as you can get,  and there isn't anything to love.

And then there are the contestants this year.  Except for Crystal Bowersox....zzzzzz.  Lame. (sorry, guys.  You are way outclassed.)

The music.  Double ugh.  OK, I don't know very much about Lady Gaga.  But why bring on a performer who you know may be shocking and then substantially edit her?  What was the point of that?

I'm almost ready for them to bring back William Hung.  Or even....heaven forbid....Bikini Girl.

If I could redo American Idol?
1.  Bring back three judges, and please let one of them be Paula.
2.  No more musical instruments.  It is distracting.  This is a singing contest, not a "singing along with your guitar or keyboard" contest.
3.  Just a random comment, this needs to be more friendly to alternate styles of music.  I find it interesting that (as far as I know) the most commercially successful alumni of this pop contest are...a mega country music star, a Broadway star singer and a rock star.   I'll leave it to the music experts to figure that one out.
4.  When they replace Simon-please don't bring on another Brit.  The "nasty Brit" judge is such a cliche now. (an entertaining cliche-but a cliche).  I think they should make Adam Lambert a judge but well, that's me.

Anyway....if you care about the future of American Idol-now is your change to REALLY vote.

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