Friday, May 14, 2010

Caregiving 101

I've watched friends and relatives go through caring for their aging parents.  I've heard their stories.  I even have a friend who is a caretaker for an ailing husband.  You'd think I'd be prepared now that it is my turn.

Not.  I guess you never are.

In one way I am fortunate.  My parents both died when I was young.  So I can devote myself more to thinking about my mother in law.  However, I am still a member of the "sandwich" generation.

The other way in which I am fortunate is that my mother in law's problems are physical in nature.  Her mind is still active and sharp (I sometimes wish mine was as sharp.)  At this point in time anyway, senility is not an issue.

However I am beginning this journey as a long-distance caregiver.  Again, I am not in the shoes of a former co-worker, for example, who was caring for her mother in Chicago.  Now talk about stress.  But still, 150 miles is 150 miles.

I will post some of the things I learn about from time to time-if anything this blog will be a record of what I am doing and should be doing.  Call it "caregiver 101". Like so many before me, we must blaze our own trail.

I hope we have support - and even luck- in doing this.

Wish spouse and I luck!

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