Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ithaca Plant Sale 2010

How does Ithaca, with less population than our area, do it?

Yesterday was "Super Saturday".  Week two of their library book sale (supposed to be the 3rd largest in the country) and the annual Ithaca plant sale.

We went to both and then treated ourselves to Purity Ice Cream.

The book sale, of course, I have blogged about before.  Nothing special, this time around.  When my spouse's glares became too obvious, I left.  My "big prize" was a November 1965 issue of an Australian version of "Better Homes and Gardens".  Bet even my son will sneak a peek at it.

Now, as to the plant sale-I've never quite seen anything like it.  We almost didn't see any of it, as parking was almost non existent with all the vehicular traffic.  Of course, that is the fun of Ithaca, good luck getting around in traffic!  Note for next year:  TCAT, how about some shuttle buses?  (maybe you had them-will have to check that out.)

It was my first plant sale; somehow we just never were there at the right time. Won't be my last if I can help it, even if that means missing the first weekend of the book sale.

I even ended up not going to a fundraising walk I had planned to participate in, somewhat due to my back, and also fundraising fatigue.  (I won't bore you with my Relay for Life adventures, at least not yet.).  So shame on me.  And now, back to the Plant Sale.

Try to envision, in a large park, 40 some vendors gathered.  Organic plants, heritage plants, native plants, "regular gardening" plants, Master gardening plants.  Plants, plants...well, you get the picture.  There was a common theme here.  Booth after booth contained plants you would never find in this area (plus the usual regular suspects).  For example:

Pesto Perpetuo Basil.  We grew this two years ago and had to get mail order.  Tricolored leaves, wonderful flavor.

Black Rainbow tomato.  No link for this.  Can't find it online!  This should be interesting, if the Late Blight doesn't come back and get it.

There were other plants we decided to forego.  If we had purchased all the heirloom tomatoes that interested us, we would have had to file for bankrupcy.

Ah, Ithaca.  You would be a wonderful place to retire to-if we could afford you.


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