Friday, October 28, 2011

Frost, Snow and Fog

Last night was the last day of the growing season.

By mid afternoon yesterday, snow was mixing in with the rain.  It was sticking in the higher elevations while we in the Susquehanna River Valley hoped it would not stick on our ground.

We had a freeze forecast for last night.  A freeze, without a frost or two first, is not common here.   Many of our trees are still wearing leaves here in the valley. 

This morning, when I woke up, it was 33 degrees and a thick fog covered our neighborhood.  I left the house to go to work and saw frost on the lawn.  A rural friend, who lives about 10 miles outside of Binghamton, reported snow on the ground.  Her car was coated with ice.  My commute was easier.

After work, spouse and I went to Otsiningo Park for a walk and then, afterwards, to our community garden to harvest the last of our leeks.

This picture taken during our walk shows our strange continued fall contrast.  A yellow tree, a green tree and a bare tree side by side.

This is so similar to this picture I took last weekend on the Vestal Rail Trail.  Same type contrast.
Meanwhile, today, we had a high temperature of 46.  We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  Brrr.

Doesn't this picture make you feel cold?  It should.

Last, but not least, when we got to our community garden plot we found our flowers (zinnias and cosmos) dead.  But I saw some yellow, and found a defiant stand of goldenrod on the edge between the community garden and the fence separating us from the highway had survived the frost.

Now, with the freeze, the rest of our leaves will be turning and falling quickly.  By next week, the majority of our trees should be bare.

So tomorrow....will I have snow pictures for you?

I hope not!

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  1. WOW! Snow on the east coast!!! I am so glad I am out here in Washington state ;) It's been CCOOLLDDD -- surprised we did not get snow last night with the rain with the temps as low as they were. We finally had our frost this past week. And the trees that aren't changed yet are finally catching up with the bare trees that have already lost their leaves :( It's not even 50 this morning, but the sun is out ;) Yay!!! Stay warm, my friend!!! And enjoy what little you have left of autumn!!!


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