Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow Snow Snow

I made a promise to a number of my blog readers, who live in places that never see snow, that I would share some of the snow here in upstate New York with them.

In fact, they can have all of it.  Kidding.  I think.  In our harsher winters, I wouldn't be.

Today, I am keeping my promise to share the snow.  Readers from warmer climes, prepare yourselves.

It makes you look at your world in a new way when you think of something so common to you that is exotic to others.  

Dear readers in warm climes, we haven't had a really snowy winter so far here.  In fact, we've had stretches of days without any snow on the ground.  But, it is February, and, for us, that is the heart of winter. The snow is here.

These are some pictures I took in downtown Binghamton, New York on Friday morning.
Shrubs, downtown Binghamton, February 3

Bench, downtown Binghamton, February 3  

Left to right, Security Mutual Building, Civil War Monument, Broome County Courthouse
If that isn't enough snow for you, here are some of my favorite snow posts, for your enjoyment.

Oreo snow.  Yes, there is such a thing.  I think so, anyway.

Must Frosty die?

Great Glops of Snow.

The winter that's been a wonder. 

And finally, if you wonder if snow sneakers are a thing - they are. (I'm not into snowshoeing or skiing, by the way - I've never been into winter.  Alas.)  The snow sneakers in this post are still going strong, by the way.

Happy Sunday!


  1. All that snow surely looks beautiful - from a distance!

    1. Yes, it it better from distance. 1000 miles might be nice.

  2. There plenty of snow here. But what one does expect in Idaho.
    Coffee is on

  3. Thank you for posting your snow pictures. I grew up in a place where it almost never snows. We had, like, maybe two inches one winter in 1976. There's an old Kodak snap of me dressed warmly for the walk to school that day. By recess at 11am the snow had all melted. We children were so sad.

    We moved to NYC during chilly December. By January, I was afraid to go outside for, at least, a day due to heavy snowfall. Fortunately, I got over it & got used to it!

  4. Oh it looks so beautiful like a setting out of a fairy tale. Thanks for sharing with us 😊

  5. Thanks for posting these.. We only get heavy rains. And snow is just beautiful romance in our movies. I had never realised how cold it could be till I saw snow just for a few days when I was abroad.

  6. I did not know about snow sneakers. And now I do!

  7. I love snow and cant get enough of it. Thanks for sharing Alana - I am hooked to these posts!


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