Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Last Fall Foliage #WordlessWednesday

In another day, winter will be upon us where I live in the Southern Tier of New York.  Many parts of central/western New York have already experienced snow.

It will be our turn, but I wanted to close out the season with some of the last pictures of fall foliage.

Even last Sunday, there were still traces of green.
Gingkos on the edge of downtown Binghamton, November 1.

Hostas join in.
 A majestic tree, Vestal, New York.

One more, downtown Binghamton, New York

Alas. Our first snow should be tomorrow.

Farewell, autumn.

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  1. Our leaves pretty much ended last week, and today they are under a blanket of snow. Gotta love four seasons!

  2. The colours are beautiful. We rarely have snow here but have just come back from the Norwegian Arctic Circle and had a foot in 3 hours! WW of Northern Lights on my photos blog.

  3. Lovely fall colours! That's the nice part about fall. We've "turned the corner" into nastier weather, now. Happy Wednesday!

  4. gorgeous. the foliage is peaking on Long Island this week. I'll try to grab some photos.

  5. Wow, you have some beautiful fall colors. The colors of fall are so warm aren't they.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. So beautiful! I live in Phoenix; no fall foliage here so I enjoy seeing it on other people's blogs!


  7. Beautiful pictures, Alana!
    Autumn is my favourite season. The colours. The scents. Maybe one reason is it brevity. It seems to be here for such a short time, sandwiched between the blue and green days of summer and the white-out of winter. Sometimes really briefly sandwiched. This year, we got an extra six weeks of autumn over last year. And did we enjoy it!!!

  8. Here's hoping you get a mild winter.

  9. Sigh. Goodbye beautiful fall. (sniff)

  10. Beautiful photos. We are expecting some snow in western Massachusetts Friday.

  11. Most of our tree our bare.
    Coffee is on

  12. Beautiful colours of autumn. Hello winter and goodbye to autumn.

  13. Alana,

    The fall foliage is gorgeous. I normally am not away from the house except on the weekends when we do our errands and while there is some color, it's not earth shattering. Many of the trees seem have change on oneside and not the other, so I'm thinking the first good wind will knock those leaves off what other wise might be a gorgeous tree if the colors can linger long enough for the whole tree to turn. I'm not seeing many trees like that in town but then I'm not out much and I'm sure I'm just missing those opportunities to see some great trees.


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