Friday, September 25, 2009

Monster Cereals, Wink and TaB-the Wonderful World of Forgotten Foods Part I (maybe of more)

Who would have thought about fans devoted to Monster Cereals (Count Chocula, Franken Berry,etc.) or other current or former manufactured food and drink products.

But they are there, both on Facebook and in the blogosphere.  And on the Internet.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The Facebook Monster cereal group is especially interesting; you can view some of this site without joining Facebook.  If these cereals were a blast from your past, by all means check it out.  Apparently they are making a comeback.

There are also groups for various cereals, such as Count Chocula.

If you look at this blog, they  have an extensive list of more links.

To each their own.  I do have my obsession with arctic and antarctic sunsets.

Next I have to talk about a guy I know who is crazy about a soda called Wink.  It hasn't been sold here in the Triple Cities for years.  For a while this man got his Wink from someone he knew who worked in Binghamton and lived in Maryland (he commuted back and forth on weekends) but that went away at some point.  Now he cherishes his Wink.  Gotta love that authentic wood rosin taste.  He's even brought it to holiday parties.

And, last but not least, TaB.  I must admit, working for a company who provided us all the Coke and TaB we could drink, that I drank many gallons of TaB.  Back in the early 1980's that was one of the few (compared to today) diet sodas.  Sweetened (if you could call it that) with saccharin, TaB had this bitter aftertaste that grew on you after a while.  TaB still has a lot of fans. Sure enough they have a Facebook page.  And there's a website, too.

If you are under....30, I guess, you probably don't know much about TaB.  So, if it is sold in your supermarket, grab some.  IF you are lucky, your local Coca-Cola dealer carries it so you can get it.  One of our local supermarkets has it, sometimes, but it isn't cheap.

So many forgotten foods to write little time.  Hmm....Fizzies....

Do you have a forgotten food or drink you want to talk about?

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