Sunday, September 27, 2009

Submitted for Your Approval: Binghamton Celebrates Rod Serling and the 50th Anniversary of the Twilight Zone TV Series

Some of you may know that dramatic writer Rod Serling grew up in Binghamton, went to junior high and high school in Binghamton, and incorporated Binghamton landmarks into several episodes of "The Twilight Zone".

Now Binghamton celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of the Twilight Zone, October 2, 1959.  Although the Twilight Zone is far from the only example of Serling's genius, it may be what he is the best known for.

I've been to some of these landmarks many times.  My son, when young, rode the carousel at Rec Park many times.  And, spouse and I take many exercise walks past the school now known as West Middle School. (if you enjoy Art Deco architecture, West Middle School is a must-see).

However, we won't be paying tribute just to Mr. Serling, but to his high school English teacher Helen Foley. Teachers, take note:  you will never know where your seeds of inspiration land, to grow into mighty trees.

Not just Binghamton will be celebrating, as Mr. Serling also taught at Ithaca College - Ithaca will also be having some events.

I hope to be able to go to some of these-and, if possible, take pictures.  

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