Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deja New Year All Over Again

The other day I wrote about New Years 10 years ago with my 9 year old son and his friend.

This afternoon, my 19 year old woke up, went out for a while, and came home with a friend - and a new Craftsman tool.  Son is probably keeping Sears alive single-handed.

We sat down to watch the 4pm programming.  First was a glimpse of fireworks somewhere (Moscow?) to which he gave a mocking comment.  Then we switched between the People's Court and Judge Joe Brown, to the immense entertainment of son and his friend.  People and their antics are immensely popular in the 19 year old age group-Jerry Springer type entertainment and the show Cops being highlights in their daily programming.

Then tonight he goes to work.

10 years can be a long time.   The 9 year old is now a lanky adult, owner of two (yes, two) cars and a ton of tools.

In 10 more years he will be 29, hopefully happily married with family, and I will be...yikes, let's not go there.

As for us: We decided not to go to First Night; spouse says it is really slippery out and he was thinking of my back after all.  What I really think is that he didn't want to go.  If I needed to go to work today, he wouldn't have told me to stay home.
But we will have fun, and we will try our best not to fall asleep before midnight.  Yes, that is still important to us.

So one more time.....Happy New Year!

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