Friday, January 1, 2010

This is Why I don't Make New Years Resolutions

Today was what I like to call a "bonus" day.  After yesterday's snow, and this week's windy chill, the sun partially came out (that's a surprise in itself this time of year) and it got into the low 40's.  After the below zero wind chills, it felt so warm it was almost like being in Florida.  (not.)

Time to walk!  Luckily the Vestal Rail Trail had been cleared so on went my walking shoes and we did the entire 4 mile trail.  Considering that 3 months ago I could barely walk a block without my back and right leg acting up big time, that walk was a New Year's gift itself.  (the back is far from resolved and I will know more on January 6...but at least I have made my way back to doing my full exercise walk!)  Then on the way home we swung past the place where Dougs Fish Fry (them of the pancreatic cancer fund raiser back in November) had set up their mobile kitchen - another pleasant surprise - and spouse/I celebrated the New Year by sharing a fried fish sandwich and order of onion rings. 

The almost 8 pounds I've gained thanks to the back thing will just have to wait another day.

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