Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lost Friend-Wherever You Are

I have a long lost childhood friend who should be turning 57 today, December 7.  It was so easy to remember her birthday because it was also Pearl Harbor Day (back when it was a big deal.)

We even went to the same sleepaway camp a couple of times.

When we were in 6th grade she moved to another borough - from the Bronx to Queens, to be exact.   For those who grew up in NYC, you know, if you depend on mass transit as we did, that is like moving to the far end of the Earth.

My parents and I visited her several times, and I went to her 16th birthday party - and that is the last time we ever saw each other.  Although we had written, we had grown away from each other.

But for the last few years, I've wanted to reconnect just to see how her life has been.  

She was a wonderful artist and I've always hoped to see her works somewhere.  She had an unusual first name.  But I never have found anything and for all I knew she got married a long time ago.

Or I've written, there are risks to trying to find long lost people in your life.

I've tried Facebook, Google, and even some of the "deep internet" search engines without luck.

I won't publish your first name.  But wherever you are, I hope you had a happy birthday.

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