Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Tribute to an ACA Shooting Victim at Hanukkah House

Hanukkah House is a teaching museum located inside Temple Concord in Binghamton, NY.

For years, a woman by the name of Roberta King donated many of the dolls in her extensive Madame Alexander doll collection, and some of her dollhouses, to grace Hanukkah House.

On the morning of Friday, April 3, 2009, Bobbie King should not have been teaching at the American Civic Association.  However, another teacher wanted the day off to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary and Mrs. King. always willing to help, swapped days off.

She died there that day.

Today, spouse and I visited Hanukkah House on a cold day, featuring the first snow of the season.  (would it feel like the holidays without snow?  Well, the snow has finally arrived.)  The dolls and the doll houses are there, thanks to her family.

What a wonderful act of generosity.  Hanukkah House would not have been the same.  And after the senseless murder of a BU professor yesterday, we need all the generosity of thinking this community can muster.

And for those of you living in Binghamton, please visit Hanukkah House this year before it closes for the season on December 29.  This community needs to celebrate our various cultures more than ever at this sad time.

Thank you.

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