Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Soon-My Brother in Law with Autism

Regarding my wonderings of yesterday, I kow what I am going to do now.

So this is a good place to start.  My mother in law is going down to Florida next month for 5 days.  My brother in law will be up here during that time, and a little bit before and after, with another family member, and spending time with us.

So stay tuned for those adventures.

People with autism have a hard time with changes in routine.  Fortunately brother in law has been up here before and has stayed at this family member's house before.  But I think this may be the longest time he's ever been away from home.  The other times my mother in law has traveled (which isn't often), a neighbor was able to take care of him.  But they have moved out of the area.

This will be a very interesting time.

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