Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Should I Do?

I think the Blogger "Next Blog" link is trying to tell me something.  Fate sometimes moves in mysterious ways.

I had some spare time the other day, went to my (this) blog and started clicking on the "next blog" link.  Due to updated Blogger software, this is supposed to analyze the type of blog you are and send you to similar blogs for your entertainment and education.

That night, all I got were blogs written by people with health conditions and people with special needs children.  Some really serious special needs conditions too.  It was humbling.

And what it made me realize is that there is a part of my life I haven't written about in this blog.  I don't know if I want to, or if I want to start a new blog.  And if I start a new blog, if I want to link from this blog. 

Here's why.

I have what some may call a unique perspective.  My mom had rheumatoid arthritis back in the 1960's, before she passed away from what I think was something related to both her health condition and her addiction to cigarettes. (let's see if I start getting drug addiction blogs now on my "next blog" link.)  Course, in those days way too many people smoked.   My Dad suffered a tramatic head injury during World War II and lived with epilepsy the rest of his life.  And, I have a brother in law with autism.    There's a lot of attention paid to autism nowadays, but it is to children with autism.  Guess all those children dry up and blow away when they turn 21.

Trust me, they don't.

I have a lot to say about autism and special needs past and present, and some of it probably wouldn't make some of the special needs community jump with joy. 

But I feel I will pop if I don't let some of this out.  Not that I would post constantly, but enough to make it worthwhile.

If I had a huge community of readers, I would let them vote.  But I don't.

Should I write that blog talking about that other part of me?
Should I link it to this blog?

Let's see if anyone in the cosmos answers this.

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