Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to my Back Once Again

Since having to abandon Physical Therapy (PT) on my back to treat a problem with my knee, my back has started to get worse once more - despite doing all sorts of back exercises prescribed by my PT.

At PT this week, the therapist asked me to work out for 10 minutes on a recumbant exercise bicycle.  It's the first time I've been on one since my major problem started in September. Well, my leg went numb towards the end-and when I tried to get off, my right leg wouldn't move.

It just "lay" there, dead.  What a strange feeling.

I was finally able to lift the leg with my arms and get off the bike. My leg had trouble holding my weight but it did.

The PT told me it was my back.  Wonderful choice, right, that now I have to choose between my leg and my back.  I can't do both because my insurance plan (like so many others) has a limit of how many PT services they will pay for in a plan year.  My plan is better than some, but still.

(and what about patients with strokes?  I'm really lucky.)

So I have some decisions to make, as I sit here and my back aches, and my right leg feels like it is falling asleep.

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