Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The End of Physical Therapy-Maybe - And What I have Learned

Today was "probably" my last session.  I'll know for sure next Wednesday when I see the orthopedic surgeon.

I have come away from the experience with a great respect for physical therapists and their assistants.  They must be massage therapists, cheerleaders, psychologists, communicators, teachers, exercise instructors and more, all rolled into one.  They teach you independence  And they know they have done their job when you don't need them anymore.

Or when your insurance runs out.  Yes, they have to deal with that also.  I don't like to delve into controversies but I would sure love to give my opinion of that.

It is also telling that all these years I've been doing water aerobics (over 14 years to be exact) and have been exercise walking for over 34 years, but I am lacking physical fitness in so many ways.  As the MRI I got for my back showed, some of my problems are due to the way I am physically built causing wear and tear over the years.  Some of it is arthritis.  Some is....well, it just is.  At that I am probably lucky I did the exercise and activity I did do.  Too bad gym class turned me off to so much of what I could have enjoyed-the way gym class is taught now is probably a lot better - but that would be getting on a soapbox again.

I don't like to do that.  Maybe one day, though, I will.

And now I have to work with the tools the physical therapy gave me.

In the meantime:  I can hope I never see the insides of that building again.

Folks: Thank you for what you did for me.

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