Sunday, April 25, 2010

Edward Marshall Boehm porcelain at Massee Lane

If I ever became rich, I would decorate in Boehm porcelain.

I would have to live a long time to obtain all the porcelain featured at the Stevens-Taylor Porcelain Gallary at Massee Lane.  I believe the person in the gift shop told us there was over $2 million dollars of exhibits in the rooms.

And then she left us alone to wander through.

Here is some of what we saw, back in March.

There was a beautiful eagle that I couldn't take a picture of, because of the way the sun was shining into the building, but there is a picture of it on the Boehm website.

Incidentally, Massee Lane isn't just for Boehm and Camilllas  There are gardens with azaleas, daylillies, and more.  And, during the summer, there are peach orchards nearby. They were in full bloom when we traveled by. 

A most worthwhile stop if you are visiting mid-Georgia.

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