Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Piece of Nature in Downtown Binghamton

Last Friday my walking companion and I visited the downtown Binghamton Farmers Market and headed towards Chenango Street.  On our way past the historic Broome County Courthouse we saw two women, one with binoculars and one holding a camera with a telephoto lens.  They were intent on the nearby Press Building.

It could only be one thing.

Yes.  It was the Peregrine Falcons!

We are lucky enough to have had a pair of Peregrines nesting in downtown Binghamton, on top of the Security Mutual building, for several years.  Today, one fledgling and one parent were out.  I was able to see both of them once the women pointed them out, without binoculars.  One was perched on a window of the Press Building, one on a corner of the Security Mutual building.

It was a happy moment in downtown Binghamton.

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