Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The hART of Fighting Dinosaur Vandals

Yesterday, walking companion and I were passing the Broome County Courthouse, across from the State Office Building, when we saw two things.

One was the "Drawing" dinosaur, late of the Regency Hotel before it (the dinosaur based on the BC Comic Strip's Gronk, that is) was vandalized.  I had posted several pictures of this dinosaur the night, back on June 4, when I had taken pictures of the newly placed dinosaurs around downtown.  It had been moved to a place where obviously it could get more police protection.

And-its rider - B.C. himself-was being put back on by a young man.  (these riders seem to have been the main target of the vandal(s).)

We stopped and talked for a few minutes, expressing our displeasure at the vandalism and hoping these deserving dinosaurs could be preserved.  The young man assured us that they were taking various steps towards that end. (I won't reveal anything more).

We also briefly discussed the mosaic dinosaur (I had posted a picture of that but here is one from the Internet)

The second thing we saw was - a new dinosaur, on the lawn of the courthouse.  This didn't have a plaque yet, but our guess is it was sponsored by Wendy's: there was a hamburger painted on its side and it seemed to have red pigtails.

We can only hope that the vandalism has backfired-that it has caused Binghamton to protect this artwork, and to appreciate it.  I know it has done that with me.

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