Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet the Local Growers

Sounds like a press release (several websites had the same story, almost worded exactly-hmm) but...

Our local Wegmans supermarket is having a "Meet the Local Growers" day.

(Almost Full Disclosure:  I know several present and former Wegmans employees, some quite well.  Also, I've had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Colleen Wegman (their president) when she visited the Johnson City store last year.  I've been a fan of Wegmans even before they opened a store in Johnson City almost 20 years ago.  Wow, 20 years....should be the subject of another blog.)

One nice thing about Wegmans is that they promote local produce, and have for years. When you enter their parking lot, there is a sign advising of the local produce they are carrying that day.  It takes extra work (according to my retail sources) for a large chain to do this and I applaud any retailer who takes those extra steps.

This sounds like an interesting event, and AM will be there (unless I forget).

Of course, if I dare mention this....every time you shop at a farmer's market, you are Meeting Your Local Grower too.  Still, supermarkets should be given encouragement in this area wherever possible.

Now- one tiny tiny tiny tiny quibble.  Wegmans is also famous for promoting health in general, Strive for Five (they were early adapters of promoting the eat five servings of veggies and fruit thing), and even have an event during Back to School each year promoting healthy brown bag lunches.  So, given all that....why are they also promoting their private label soda with a Fizz Fest truck at this event?????

Seems a bit strange.  Still...come on out.  Who knows, maybe there may be a heritage veggie or fruit. (probably not but one could hope.)  Give your support to Local Food.

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