Friday, July 30, 2010

Senseless Crime and Bad Headline

Not a mass murderer this time.  Not a gun this time. Only a 25 something man who happened to kill his friend in an argument.  Two wasted lives.

Another feather in the cap of downtown Binghamton, even if it didn't have much to do with downtown Binghamton per se.  It could have been in a number of Binghamton neighborhoods.

A lot of Fridays (if I am not out walking) I go to the Farmers Market, see if the music is good (this year, nothing in my taste) and if not, to the library I go.  Not this time.  From the Farmers Market I headed somewhere else. The library is only about 1/2 block away from "the scene of the crime".

The apartment house where the murder took place isn't far from a Binghamton landmark, Phelps Mansion, either. 
In fact, it is just steps away.

First Friday is next Friday.  Probably by then the blood of a senseless crime would have been scrubbed away, and First Friday attendees will walk past, some oblivious to what had happened only a week ago.

So it goes.  But first, one other thing:
Our local paper greeted the day with the headline "Binghamton fatal stabbing 'never should have happened".

Takes a bit of thought to think of a murder that should have happened, doesn't it?

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