Monday, January 24, 2011

17 Below!

17 below zero - not at my house but at my son's. (he's in a cold spot).  Others I know living in the country reached the double digits of below zero so it wasn't just him.  We reached 6 below at our house, mercifully without much wind, so it was mainly a non event.  And, our heating system (see last post) worked just fine.

So, for me, Arkansas still holds my "lifetime" cold record of -15.

The only nice thing about this type of weather is we have sunny days.  Nothing like the sun to lift your spirits.

But there is sunlight at the end of the winter tunnel:  the days are getting visibly longer on both ends (sunrise and sunset).  Before you know it I'll be able to walk after wait, there is still that little matter of all that snow on the ground.  Especially in Binghamton, which doesn't believe in residential snow removal.

Now...back to normal.  Tomorrow back to the clouds, back to some snow.

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