Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fire and...Water

I bet that businesses near the Press Building in downtown Binghamton are revamping their disaster recovery plans in the wake of the December fire that I blogged about earlier.

Sadly, the latest news concerning damage to the historic Press Building is that the damage is a lot more extensive than first suspected - not so much from fire but from the water used to fight the fire in the neighboring Midtown Mall (aka Strong Building).

Chenango Street is still closed at the intersection where the buildings burned.  The Midtown Mall is boarded up and much of the damage is not visible to the public.

The law firm that helped renovate the building-just a mere two years ago? -and partially occupied the building, is now in the position of setting up temporary offices.  Fortunately they had a good disaster recovery plan.   A lot of downtown businesses are helping them, in the spirit of "the best of Binghamton", including other downtown Binghamton law firms and a neighboring life insurance company. One day they may move back in but it will be a long hard process. 

The winter drags on....and only time will tell if the Press Building will be saved.

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