Friday, January 6, 2012

Gimme Farmers' Market

Gimme Farmers Market!

Earlier this week, I blogged about the upcoming Binghamton, New York downtown farmers market.  Tonight was the night.  It's been four months since we went to First Friday - four months and a world away, as I'll explain more about tomorrow.

It was small but busy.  In fact, one of the vendors, Gimme Cookie, was already sold out of the English Muffins we love.  There were two other bakers, but no other English Muffins.

The most intriguing item?  Something we didn't buy because we didn't need it but - a first for any farmers market we have been to - cold pressed organic sunflower oil. 

We brought home:  2 garlic bulbs, a loaf of whole wheat bread baked in nearby Endicott, an energy bar, and a 2 lb bag of polenta "fresh ground from organic NY grains". (NOFA-NY Certified) from the same booth selling the sunflower oil.  This booth also had several varieties of organic beans in 2 lb bags but we are pretty stocked up on beans, too.  They were also selling lavender flavored cheese, which we will have to investigate another time.

In the meat department, one booth was selling goat meat, another free range Cornish game hens.

The friendly woman who sells honey to my walking companion was doing a brisk business at her honey booth. (we bought the garlic from her.).  I was tempted by a small bottle of autumn "bamboo" honey.  It was darkish, which I like, but bamboo doesn't generally grow around here.  The booth was too busy to really have a conversation with her.

Maybe next month.

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  1. You have written it in right manner ..the only way to improve is take snaps of everything ..the market ,the things which you bought and etc to keep your post attractive ..Happy blogging !!


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