Sunday, February 26, 2012

Civil War Sunday-Hate in Virginia Cancels My Trip

Sorry, but my north is going to be showing today, and big time.  I will keep this short and sweet.  And I am so sorry I have to do this.

I am in the closing stages of planning a vacation in March to visit some Civil War sites.  I had wanted to visit the Newport News area to see the Mariner's Museum but it is closed part of the week, and I just couldn't make it fit.

So I was giving a little thought to going to Richmond, Virginia, which was the capital of the Confederate States of America.  Richmond is a treasure trove of Civil War history as is Virginia in general. 

Well....that trip is, shall we say, history.

I've blogged before about the fact that, as much as we feel we are one country, the Civil War still lies right underneath the skin of many of us.  What I mean by that (sadly) is, it doesn't take too much to scratch under that skin and have some very ugly things bubble up.

There was one such bubbling up in Richmond, VA yesterday.

It wasn't just the Civil War Memory blog that reported the incident of marchers chanting the following:  The Richmond Times-Dispatch paper also reported this incident of Sons of Confederate Veterans chanting the following during a march:

What do we do?
Kill Yankees
How Many?
All of them

 So....I am still going to make the trip.  I will spend time in the Carolinas, and in Maryland.

The Virginia part of the trip will be cancelled.  I am not welcome there.

This Yank will have no such part of such hate. 


  1. I was sorry to read this. My first reaction was that the comments from one isolated group of SCV hopefully didn't reflect the feelings of the whole rally. There's always a few that are overly outspoken in any type of group. But the article DOES indicate an overall hateful sentiment. I wonder if any upper level of SCV (if there is one) will comment on this. You are more than welcome in the Carolinas and I know quite a few SCVs and reenactors. I am interested in hearing their reactions to this....

  2. I appreciate your support very much. I intend to write more about this tomorrow, unless some possible breaking news in my area finally breaks. I'd love to know if anyone you know comments on this incident.


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