Monday, March 19, 2012

Adventures in Construction Land

I love travel because of the unexpected.  And sometimes, the very humorous.

Spouse and I. over the past two days, traveled (by car) from the Binghamton, NY area to the Charleston, SC area.  Our heads are still spinning from the road, but by tomorrow we should be recovered and all set to explore the Low Country.

So what did we find just outside our motel? 

Road construction.

But not just any road construction.

We are in "Construction Land". And not only that, it even has its own website.

At the end of the construction area - yes, there a sign telling us we are leaving Construction Land.

So what is happening at South Carolina's newest "theme park"?  A lot of improvements for the boulevard we are staying near.  The project should be finished by December and one hopes it doesn't impact local businesses - quite a number, from the looks of it - too much.  (We did manage to get to the Harris-Teeter supermarket after a couple of attempts at figuring out how to enter the shopping plaza, and picked up 4 cases of Cheerwine, some crab cakes and a container of she-crab soup for dinner.  Earlier, I had bought some Goo Goo Clusters for dessert.)

You  gotta love people who can joke about road construction.

That was our warm welcome to the Charleston area.

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