Sunday, March 18, 2012

Civil War Sunday-The Battle of Charleston Reenactment 2010

 (The above is actually from the 2009 event but I liked it, so hope you enjoy.)
I am continuing a blog post from last Sunday.  Last March, I visited a Civil War reenactment near Charleston, South Carolina.  As I blogged last week, this doesn't commemorate one battle but rather several different skirmishes over the course of the war.

I don't know any Civil War reenactors personally so this may be a common thing, but what struck me about the group participating in this (according to the program) is that the reenactors have formed a Northern regiment, and a Southern regiment, and all members are able to "play" both roles.  I would give them some actual credit, but I apparently lost my program (in our September flood).  If anyone knows any of these reenactors, I would love to hear more about them so I can give their organization proper credit.

As I've blogged before, there is a lot more to a reenactment than people running around with guns and pretending to fight each other. (Those fights can be dangerous, by the way, especially the ones on horseback). There is a very big educational element, and the reenactors in this met with spectators afterwards.

Some of these are not in "order". My uploading function has been balky recently.

First, the assembling. (Federals, and then Confederates.)

 Almost time for battle...and then it begins.

Time for the cavalry.

It's time for the soldiers on horseback.

And time for some hand to hand fighting.

There is also an educational component to the reenactments.  Last week I blogged about a Gullah educator and her activities.  Today, a view of the medical tent treating the casualties.

If you are in the Charleston area next weekend, please stop by.  You might just find me just never know where you may find me ramblin'.

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  1. Great pictures and look forward to running into you. We will make sure you leave knowing some more about the reenactors. Noting how you lost your program reminds me of how devastating it must be to have gone through that. :(


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