Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day March 2012- The Winter of our Content

Like so many gardeners living in the Northeast, we have been full of wonder over our mild winter.  Normally, our area of upstate NY (Binghamton area) gets 80 inches or more of snow.  This's been hardly noticeable.  And spring is a good month ahead of schedule.

In some years, my Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (thank you again, May Dreams Gardens, for sponsoring this monthly event) would have consisted of pictures of 1 or 2 feet of snow on our yard.  But not this year.  Our high today was 73 at the house.  Yesterday was 63,  Monday was warm, and this warmth will continue for at least another week.  These aren't records.  But the day after day warmth - that is the big news.

Crocuses have been popping and blooming in local yards everywhere:  except in my northern exposure front yard.

I thought today would be a day of embarrassment.  I had pictures of my African violets and my Christmas cactus all ready to go.  But when I got home from work tonight, a surprise awaited.
One primrose had flowers opening.
And then I saw open buds on a second primrose.

In my lawn, crocuses had popped up and were getting ready to flower.

In the front of our house, an evergreen hedge is 'blooming'.

On the side of my house, a lilac is budding out.  Now I'll have to hold my breath that the cold weather doesn't come back. 

And what about other Binghamton area yards?  On my way home tonight, I saw an andromeda in bloom (right side of picture).
And, in another yard, a mystery plant.
And finally, another patch of crocuses.

What will happen between now and May?  I hope only good things.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, are you having an early spring too?

And, regardless of where you live, happy GBBD!

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