Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Wednesday - Spring Springs

Today will be my last Winter Wednesday post.

Unbelievably, spring is actually here before the March 20 (first day of spring this year) on the calendar.  Usually it doesn't come in our area, flower wise, until some time in mid April.  But plants are a good month (or more) ahead of schedule, thanks to our mild winter here in upstate NY (and a lot of the country.)  Yesterday it reached 72 degrees at our house.  Today it was "only" 63 degrees.

And not only that, today I saw my first robin.  I'm sure they've been out there for a while, but this robin is my first of spr....I mean, winter.  Still winter.

So, on the cusp of spring, I see bare trees (this one, although you can barely see it, has a male cardinal in the upper middle....)

And then I see bushes starting to leaf out. (Look in the middle of the thick branch).
And the crocuses are blooming.

Tomorrow, the warm weather continues.  In fact, it's supposed to continue for the next few days.

What will next Wednesday bring?  Whatever it does it will have a new name.

Spring Things.

Please, winter.  Goodbye, and don't come back.

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