Monday, May 21, 2012

And Now Robin

And now it's Robin
Another falsetto stilled
Just Barry is left

Today, on the Word Count Blogathon, we are supposed to write some haiku poetry (three lines, 5, 7, 5 syllables). with a seasonal element (a symbol of winter, spring, summer or fall) and ideally, a surprise transition from the idea of the first two lines into the third.

The above isn't any of that.  Well, it does have the syllable count.

But that is all I could think of, hearing last night of Robin Gibb's death from cancer.  Age 62.  I have loved the Bee Gees for many years.

Once, we were all young
Carefree and without sickness
Now, we slowly die.

I wanted to pay tribute to Robin, with one of my favorite Bee Gees song, the song that started their journey to the top:  New York Mining Disaster 1941.  Such a simple song, but such a powerful blending of voices.

One more spring, we ask
So we can sing one more time
Before winter comes.


  1. I loved the BeeGees...thanks for those sweet haikus.

    I didn't follow the whole plan for haiku either...but I did the right syllables! ;-D


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