Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Things - Westover Purple and Pink

I forgot to tell the fans of my Wednesday Spring Things features that I was posting for a special theme day for the Word Count Blogathon I am participating in.  I owe my readers a big apology - I hope you came back today because I'd like to share some neighborhood flowers with you from my upstate New York area. 

In my garden, I am trying a Cherry Star Superbells in a container.
I also am once again trying a perennial viola.  I've tried a couple of times before, in containers, without success.  This time I have planted this plant in the ground.
Nearby, a neighbor's pink rhododendron blooms.
Flowers don't have to be ornamental.  I noticed flowers on my chives this morning.  

And finally, here is my mystery flower of the week.  I'm a bit embarassed to admit this, but I see these around town and have no idea what they are.  I've tried looking in a couple of online catalogs but there are so many purple perennials out there that I am just going to be lazy and ask one of my kind readers to help me out.

Every spring, gardening hope blooms that the coming year will be successful. 

Nothing says "hope" like a blooming plant!  Don't you love these shades of pink and purple?  What an artist Mother Nature can be.

What's blooming in your garden?  What are your plans for this year, veggie or flower? (and if you are in the Southern Hemisphere - I'd love to hear from you, too.)


  1. What's blooming in my garden? I'm trying to grow veggies and they are coming along slowly. Today I looked at the insides of zucchini flowers to figure out which one is male and female so I could manually try and pollinate them.

    I just got a camera for my birthday and I think I should take pictures of my garden and flowers and post them like you did.

  2. I think your mystery flower is a centaurea, more commonly known as bachelor button or cornflower. They are quite prolific this time of year.

    Good luck with the violas! I've had mixed success with them.

    Happy Gardening! Kimberley


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