Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome Home

This post is a bit personal - and is meant to honor a neighbor, a friend of my son's, a reader of my blog (thank you) and someone fighting a battle with cancer.  You know who you are.

Welcome back home.  I was so glad, coming home from work yesterday, when I saw you sitting outside your house.  The last time I saw you was in mid-March, before something laid you low.

You looked good, sitting there in the spring sunshine.

I missed your posting your music finds from Pandora on my Facebook, timeline, or whatever they call it nowadays.  I missed your sometimes strange comments on my blog. (you do know what an unusual person you can be, don't you?).

Something tells me you are going to make up for lost time.  One day soon I will see you on your porch, repairing still another bicycle.  This is what you love to do.

You came home on a really beautiful day.  And I don't think you will mind if I share you with my readers and followers.  You deserve your 15 minutes of fame, in the sunshine.  Before you had to go away, you ordered some trees from Arbor Day Foundation for my son.  We intend to plant one of them for you. 

You've been a friend to so many of the boys in the neighborhood.  I'm sure they all missed you.

Here's a little welcome home gift for you.  This is a virtual rose from the garden of my friend in New York City.  It's an old fashioned rose and it smells so sweet.

So once again:  welcome home.  Your garden is waiting for you.


  1. Please let your friend know that I am keeping them in my heart, thoughts & prayers. I know the pain of cancer all too well, I lost my mom to breast, bone & brain cancer in 1997. It's a horrible disease and I just pray that your friend can fight this and regain their life back.

  2. What a sweet post and what a sweet friend you are. Best wishes to this person sounds very special.


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