Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - Shy July 2012

Thank you once again, May Dream Gardens, for hosting this meme.  On the 15th day of each month, gardeners from all over the world post what is blooming in their gardens (or greenhouses, or homes).  You don't need to be a plant expert.  I'm not!  Come join in the fun.

Normally on Sunday I have a Civil War Sunday theme. Right now, severe weather is moving into my area of upstate NY (near Binghamton) so I am rushing to get this post up "just in case"  If you are here for Civil War Sunday -it probably will have to wait until next Sunday. But please enjoy my blooms before you leave.

Considering that last September our local river was sitting about 8 feet from our house, river levels are at almost record lows and we are officially in a drought.  It is starting to rain now, which we need very much.  Keep fingers crossed....

A lot of my flowers have been shy about blooming on the 15th of the month.   I would have liked to have shown you my two new day lilies - nope. Ditto for our Easter lily, which was salvaged from a post-2011 Easter clearance sale.  It thanked us this year with beautiful white blooms.  And, I have a surprise yellow daylily I don't even remember planting. (Full disclosure: my loving spouse does all the planting.)  It's done. The astilbes have come and gone.

This is what I do have....
This has been a banner year for day lilies.  This one is a later bloomer, and has very large blooms.  I forgot its name years ago.

This is the other day lily we have that is still blooming.  This is another variety we have had for many years.

A surprise cornflower.  Again, no clue how it got there. 

A shy flower from our ornamental dwarf sweet potato plant sitting in a planter.
One of our hostas.
Rudbeckia teamed with white marigold "Vanilla"


Last but not least, white impatiens mixed with African impatiens.  This pot gets some morning sun but the plants don't seem to mind.

I look forward to visiting some gardens and see what is blooming elsewhere in the world.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful pictures.

  2. I'm impatient to get some bulbs of the purple day lilies. (snicker)

  3. I dig that Rudbeckia and the two Day Lilies. Really strong colors. And Hostas are so nice. I wish they did well here but they are strictly to be admired in other people's gardens. Cheers.

  4. Lovely daylilies and good to know they are flood-resistant as well. In my garden I use them at sidewalk median strips as they are ultra-resistant to pollution, dought, and road-salt.

  5. I find my impatiens do best when they get a few hours of morning sun. The more heavily shaded ones tend to bloom less well. Hope you got some of the rain we in Northeast Pennsylvania did today! (Though it does seem odd to be wishing YOU rain!)

  6. I wishI could grow daylillies here in Phoenix. It's one of the few bulbs we can't really grow well. Oh well. I enjoy seeing them whenever I travel to California. I'll make sure to post some of garden pics next month since not much grows in July in mid summer here. Although, my armenian cucumber vines are taking over and I have 2 grand pumpkins sneaking out into my lawn. :P

  7. I love those hardy daylilies. They are old faithfuls in our gardens. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I remember the flooding your part of the country got last spring--it's hard to believe you're in the middle of a drought now. Let's hope we all get a reasonable amount of rain, soon!

    I also have a surprise yellow lily--and I'm the one who does the planting:) Your cornflower is actually a nigella; once you have them established in your garden, they will self-seed every year. I enjoy their different-looking blooms. Thanks for visiting me, and Happy Bloom Day!


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