Monday, July 16, 2012

That's Entertainment!

Spam email is one of the scourges of our modern Internet age.  "Spam" has been around almost as long as email.  But, as you can find black humor in almost everything, you can even find it in spam.

I, of course, never open an email I even remotely suspect might be spam.  I have probably thrown out emails from time to time that may have been legit.    But I must admit (when I look through my junk mail before tossing it) that I sometimes find the subject lines extremely entertaining. A lot of people online (just look on Google) have written about the entertainment value of spam.

A few weeks ago.  Microsoft was the flavor of the week.  I  received two different emails in my spam folder recently referencing Microsoft.  One announces the "Microsoft 2012 Electronic Surprise Award".  I can just imagine the surprise I would get if I opened that and found out....what?  That I gave myself a virus?  That I've won a million dollars?  That Bill Gates loves my emails and is going to personally send me a cash award?  Surprise!

The other one has a subject line saying "Microsoft Compensate (sic) You with the Sum of 2.5 Million Pounds."  That's it.

Now I am getting a whole lot of grant emails.  Grants for all kinds of purposes.  I've never applied for a grant, so I have no idea why everyone is trying to give me one.  Nor do I know why spammers are suddenly thinking I am a student, or a non profit.

Today alone, I got 3 grant spams.

The Rolex people haven't given up.  I've been getting those for years, along with the usual "enlargement" emails (funny also, because I don't have that particular problem.)  Now, for some reason, I am getting "Magic Jack" emails in my spam folder.  I thought that was a legit product.

Ah well.

In today's world, we need all the laughter we can find.  Even from spam.
What are your favorite spam emails?

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