Friday, August 24, 2012

A Record Passing

Oh, our perfect Internet.  Our brave new world of unintended consequences. 

New York City is going extinct, closing store by closing store.

Colony Records is closing after some 64 years in business..

People not familiar with NYC will not care.  People in the theatre, musicians, historians, buyers of sheet music, and lovers of the "old" New York will care a lot.

It is so easy to buy and download some music.  It is so easy to bypass your local business.  Then one day it is too late.  Turn around, and it is gone.  I've been guilty of those practices, so I am not the one to throw stones.

It is probably too late for me to go back one last time.  It has been too many years since I've been to the Times Square area.  On that occasion, 2002, my Southern Tier of NY born and bred son was so overwhelmed by Times Square that we fled into a restaurant and had dinner.  I was a bit overwhelmed myself.  I'm a native of New York City (born and grew up there) but I don't spend much time downtown when I do visit family and a friend.

I would rather not see Times Square return to the porno heaven of the 60's and early 70's but I wish it could be a teeny bit less....sanitized for your protection.

My young adult son, who loves vinyl records and owns a record player, would love the basement.  But he hates NYC.  My spouse?  Maybe.  I'll have to see.

Too many "icons" of NYC have closed in recent years.  Add one more to the list.

Do you love the "old" NYC? Do you have a favorite business that closed in recent years?

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