Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sorry, Time Warner, But Your Service Still Sucks

Hell hath no fury like a customer wait, that doesn't apply to cable.  At least the cable providers don't think so.

You see, you don't have too many options if you want high speed internet around here.  So we put up with the Time Warner runaround when our phone got glitchy, then the Internet service tanked.  No connection at all or one so bad it reminded me of Those Wonderful Days of Dialup (not).  No dial tones, or busy signals if we tried to dial out. 

Their one-track motto is "reboot".  No, it couldn't be their fault.  Not at all.  Reboot, reboot and reboot some more.

Now mind you, we have one of those infamous "bundles"  The one with the landline, the TV and the Internet.  So it was getting to be...well, just slightly frustrating. (Hence the above language, which would have caused my father to reach  for the soap years back if I had dared to utter that word in his presence.)

Anyway, we got a tech out here finally.  And gee, what did he find.

I can't remember how long ago, but a while back we switched from "analog" to "digital" TV service.  I think that was in 2006 but don't quote me-you know how we people of a "certain age" have faulty memories.

Seems like they (they meaning Time Warner) never replaced our wiring.  We had wiring basically leading to nowhere, and the "nowhere" ends weren't capped.  Moisture and other junk got in there.  Tech said digital service is a lot less forgiving of signal glitches than analog.

I'm sure the torrential rains of last year (the ones that ended up flooding our neighborhood, and others in our dear Triple Cities of upstate NY) didn't help the process.

Funny how everything so obvious to the tech was oblivious to the T-W Help Desk (or whatever it is called.  Don't ask me what it is called.  You won't like my answer.)

And you know that new modem my spouse talked them into giving us a couple of days ago?  It had a battery in there.  Tech said those batteries block updates to the type of cable system we have.  Ours shouldn't have had a battery. 


Oh, last but not least.  I tried to get my email Roadrunner email account has been suspended.  It said only "Account Suspended Contact Customer Service."


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