Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Blooms - Quick Post a Picture!

After 10 days or so of struggling (including last night) with a glitchy internet access, the Internet Deities have decided to smile upon me in time for my Wednesday Blooms post. (Maybe Time Warner saw my complaint posted in the last blog post, and on Facebook.)

August has been a mix of different weather here in upstate NY- hot, rainy, cool and now getting ready to become hot (well, hot for us) and humid again. 

These photos were taken in the past couple of weeks at a library garden which is an urban renewal project..
A rose in the Library Garden at the Broome County public library in Binghamton, NY, taken after a rain. (you can see some of the raindrops on the petals.
A pink hydrangea called Endless Summer.

One of the beautiful painted stones that identify bushes at the garden.
And, finally, my Mystery Plant of the week. This has purple blossoms loaded with bees. So loaded I didn't dare get close enough for a picture.

Does your library have a garden?  What unexpected places do you find gardens where you live?


  1. My guess on your mystery flower is Angelonia. I like the painted rock identifying label. Maybe I ask my artistically inclined daughter to make some for my own garden!

    I used to spend days at a time at the Binghamton library during the summers when I was in junior high, and my mother's job was near it. I don't think it had a garden then.

    Last month we went to see West Side Story at the Forestburgh Playhouse, in Forestburgh, NY (sort of near Monticello). There is a beautiful garden there. We're going back next week; I'll have to take my camera for garden pics!

  2. The Broome County library you remember may be the building on Exchange Street that was a Carnegie library - between the Binghamton Savings Bank and Security Mutual. If so, the library moved in 2000 to a brand new building in what I would call a "marginal" area. A couple of rundown houses were torn down to make the garden, which is a beautiful urban oasis. Nice to hear from someone with a Binghamton connection. Now that my internet connection was (somewhat) fixed today, I will be back to visiting your blog. Have a lot of catchup to do!

  3. Yes, I believe it was Exchange Street, and I would have been spending time there in the late 1970s. I grew up east of Binghamton, in Bainbridge.


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