Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Fall From Grace or, Time Warner Cable Sucks

Today I got a comment on one of my blog posts about how my "grace shines through". Or something like that.

Well...today is my fall from grace as I decide to tweet about my problems with my Internet and Phone service provider.  And if you knew me (you don't) you know if I use the word "sucks" - well it is time to run, not walk, to your local tornado shelter.

After suffering through a couple of weeks plus of on and off phone service, spouse calling Time-Warner, their fixes (i.e, "let's reboot the modem and see what happens), we got to thinking, maybe it was our phone.  Like idiots, we replaced it.  Worked for a while until it didn't. Then our internet slowed to an absolute crawl.

Let me define "absolute crawl".  I cut my teeth on a 1200 kps modem.  I remember using Mosaic as an Internet browser.  My first Internet service provider (which no longer exists) billed by the hour and let me tell you, an hour isn't that long when you are connecting using a 14,400 kps modem.  I used to fold and put away laundry while my email loaded.  (and oh yes, compared to friends who were online in 1982, I am an online newbie.) 

So, yes, I know what "absolute crawl" means.

Today, my spouse drove to Time Warner's office and picked up a new modem. (Getting a new modem from them, by the way, can be more challenging than getting Congress to agree on a bill.)  It worked fine - for about an hour.  We left and got home tonight after our exercise walk and - no dial tone.  And oh yes, no Internet.  Spouse called Time-Warner, got put on perpetual hold, then ended up with a totally different tech than he started out with.  30 minutes and tech #2 doing whatever at the other end, tech decides someone needs to come out. At least there is no charge.  Thankful for small favors!

Then begins the game of "let's make an appointment with the Cable Company." Actually (I almost collapsed when spouse told me) they offered a two-hour window.

We'll see what tomorrow brings but guess what.  My spouse and I tend to be very patient people but I have a mother in law in her 80's some 150 miles from here and we need a reliable phone.  Thank heavens I finally joined the modern world several months ago and got an iPhone.  It has been a life preserver during all this.

I am putting this out on Twitter.  I hope it posts OK because I am getting constant error messages from Blogger and I bet that is because my connection is about to go out again.  I can't go into the "preview" mode so if there are errors in this post I apologize.

Wish my spouse luck tomorrow, from 2 to 4.  Trust me, I will be back telling the world how it went.

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