Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Music is the Best Revenge

 I am still unable to upload any photos to my blog, thanks to my internet woes. 

Sunday before last I my spouse and I attended a music festival at Rec Park in Binghamton, New York, the park featured in some of the Twilight Zone TV show episodes. Instead of some photos, I'd like to offer some You Tube videos, which I had uploaded in draft before my connection troubles started.

The first video above is of a band called Dirt Farm, which plays Americana and similar musical styles.

The second band (below), the Brian Wolff Band, played a song called Strong, which was a fund raising song for flood relief.  (You knew I was going to sneak our flood of last September into one or two more blog posts before the 1 year anniversary next month, didn't you?)  This is the official video for the song.

Brian Wolff is moving to Austin, Texas in October and I wish him luck.

The last video (below) is of a group called Bad Weather Blues.  Speaking of  Bad Weather, we are just about at the one year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene hitting upstate New York.  I may blog about that more tomorrow, if I still can't post pictures.

This weekend, at the same park, there will be another music festival accompanying the Chris Thater Memorial.  I hope to blog about that this weekend, if the Internet Deities permit.

Music is the best revenge when you are trying to recover from disaster.  It lifts spirits and allows people to get together, express their sorrow, and work for a happier tomorrow.

And it gets your toes to tapping and your heart to dancing.

What could be better?

If you are in the area, please stop by this weekend and watch some awesome bicycle racing through the neighborhood Rod Serling grew up in.  Calling all Twilight Zone fans!)

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