Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Blooms -Hope Soars

Hope soars where 11 months ago there was mass destruction.

11 months ago today, the only way you could have visited the Cutler Botanical Gardens in Binghamton, NY where this picture and the ones below were taken August 3, or the park (Otsiningo Park) where the hot air balloon was launched, would have been by boat.

The massive rains of Tropical Storm Lee, on top of rains from Tropical Storm Irene and a wetter than normal year, sent rivers and streams over their banks. Parts of Otsiningo Park were covered in eight feet of water.

We are still recovering, as I detail on every anniversary of the flood.

But, hope - and blooms - now rule where stinky mud and ruined structures once stood.  The Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative have put in countless hours of devotion and love to get Cutler back into shape.  And, it is all free of charge.
Not all the flower tags are back in place yet.  I believe this might be cultivated Joe Pye Weed
A beautiful red hisbiscus.
And finally, a new hydrangea called "Pinky Winky".  It was love at first sight, me and Pinky Winky.  I must have this!  I will have this! I....

I had relatives visiting from Brooklyn when I took these pictures, and I hope they will take the story of Cutler back with them.

If you are ever near Exit 5 on Interstate 81 North in southern New York State, please drop by.

You may even see a hot air balloon.

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  1. Such good works. Thank you for making the world just a bit more beautiful.


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