Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Making of a Golden Snowball

The Golden Snowball is a competition between five cities in upstate New York: Albany, Binghamton, (where I work) Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. We compete for the most snowfall in a season.

In a way, it's hard to compete when you have no control over the results, but it is a lighthearted way to survive the harsh winters we tend to get here in upstate New York.  Of course, there are areas of upstate New York that get way more snow than these five cities.  But, the contest is what it is.

Although the competition unofficially started in the late 1970's, an enterprising person has put together statistics, starting in 1940, to show who would have won each year if there had been a contest.  There's just one little problem: Binghamton and Syracuse did not start to compile weather statistics until the year of my birth, 1952.  And, Syracuse, some 70 miles from us, tends to be the champ.  A lot. Like a couple of years ago, when someone I know who lives in a suburb of Syracuse got 51 inches of snow.  In three days.  And that was just the beginning of winter.

Back in 1977, when Rochester started the competition up, it was called the Snow Derby and there was an actual award presented to the mayor of the winning city.

It was even made fun of once by Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, but I can't seem to locate the video.

So, who will win this year?
Right now, it just might be Buffalo, but we aren't giving up here in the Triple Cities.

Here are some pictures of our efforts in my neighborhood of Westover. We've been doing our part in the last week. We're trying to gain the lead but I'm afraid to ask anyone to cheer us on.  These pictures were all taken today,as the snow continues to come down.
One of our front yard bushes.
A tree.

More bushes.

And, a photo I manipulated, because I wanted the catalpa "beans" to be visible. I've tried for three days to get a good shot and my sinuses (not happy at me because of the hole in them- more on that in a few days) have taken out a restraining order on my further photography during snowstorms.

I'm grateful all of this is snow, and not ice, or even worse, rain.

How is your city or area doing in the crazy weather our world is experiencing?

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  1. The weather's crazy at the moment. It's almost a relief to see your snow. That shows the the world elsewhere is still 'normal' this winter away from England's floods. Stay warm and keep clicking.


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