Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Wonders - Something's on the Move

Uh oh.

At 3 pm today, our National Weather Service declared we were under a winter storm warming here in the Binghamton area of upstate New York.  The forecast is for six to ten inches of snow, starting in the early morning hours tomorrow.

Ah, it feels just like the good old days when, by mid March, we would have two or three feet of snow on the ground, and my toddler son, with playmates, would make snow tunnels in the front yard.  (I'm sure he doesn't remember when the snow was higher than he was tall.)

Thank heavens we weren't further south in Atlanta, Georgia.  A couple of weeks after a snow storm (tiny, by our northern standards)  that left motorists in absolute gridlock, they are having an ice storm that has left the streets almost empty.

And England?  Epic flooding is their lot. We know about flooding here, but not quite on that scale.

Something is on the move.

But back to my son, he now lives about 20 minutes away from us, and we communicate by text.

This morning, I texted:
It dropped to minus 6 F after I left for work
And he responded:
-20 F or -29 C
Yes, he was 15 degrees colder than we were.  It's amazing, some of the cold pockets we have in this area, and he is unfortunate enough to live in one of them.
Here, even in an urban area (he lives out in the country), I can see the wonders of nature.  Last year's bird's nest, last week's snow.

This week,  moon rises have fascinated me.  Yesterday evening, I took this, the moon barely visible in the mid right of the photo.

And, the sky glowed shortly after in the sunset.

Yes, something's on the move. Beware!


  1. This winter's been a brutal one, hasn't it? I live North of you, near Rochester, and have had my fill of snow this winter. Luckily, no winter storm warning here for tomorrow, although snow is in the forecast. I do not envy Atlanta right now. I just hope it clears out quickly. I must fly through there on Friday.

  2. Our weather has taken a turn for the worse in the UK.
    We've been enduring aggressive gale force winds and storms. It's a bit scary!

  3. The winter here in Nebraska has been brutally cold, too, Alana, but we are getting a bit of a reprieve this weekend. . . with highs in the 50s! Hoping you will get a bit of a break in a few days, too. Stay warm and Stay safe, my friend!


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