Friday, October 17, 2014

Days of Red and Roses

It's the last hurrah of summer.  All things come to an end. 
My dahlias, earlier in October

The growing season, the season of green, is ending, soon to be replaced by bare trees, snow, and ice.

Where I live in upstate New York, many areas have received frost.  Right where I live, we haven't had our killing frosts yet, but we probably will on Sunday night/Monday morning.
So, it is time to say goodbye to our days of red and roses, with some parting pictures taken recently in the Binghamton/Johnson City/Ithaca area of upstate New York.  Fall beauty is fleeting, to be enjoyed, to be embraced, to be hugged close, and then, let go

At my job, we are already talking about what we call the "s" word - snow.

Can you tell I don't like winter?

But it isn't here yet, as I show you the progression of fall color here.

Red bushes in early morning fog, by an abandoned factory building in Westover, near Johnson City.

Rose hips.
Roses in Ithaca, New York, were still in bloom on Sunday, but for how long? (Their climate, moderated by Cayuga Lake, allows for a longer growing season. But it is still upstate New York.)

Every day, the sunrises are later, and the sunsets are earlier. 

These clouds proved the "red sky in morning, sailor take warning" folk saying - we had heavy rains later that day.  But it was mild.

In another week or less, that mildness will be a memory.

Do you have seasons where you live?  Which is your favorite?


  1. One thing I love about living in CT is the changes in the season. I love seeing the leaves change in the fall, the first few snow storms, the birth of spring and a not too humid summer. But my favorite by far is the spring. Enjoy the rest of the season and treasure your pictures.

    1. I have to take a trip soon, near to Connecticut. It will bring me into an area where the leaves are several days behind where we are, and I will treasure their beauty even more. What if leaves looked like they do now every day of the year? We wouldn't notice their beauty. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Life is change. Some of those changes are welcome and some not so much. I don't like winter, probably because of my first 45 years lived in the warm climate of Australia. But I know it's inevitable, as is the death of all life. You could apply your following words to your most loved old relative. 'beauty is fleeting, to be enjoyed, to be embraced, to be hugged close, and then, let go.'
    I love summer best of all, the vibrant throb of sunshine, the gentle twitter of birds and the warmth to relax my body.

    1. Thank you, Francene. You always pull me back into reality. And speaking of your words, read today's post. I am quoting them with a link to your blog.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous selection of roses!
    My favourite season is probably Autumn.


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