Friday, December 26, 2014

Don't Take it for Granted

We take so many things for granted, until they are gone.



Our ability to communicate....

Even something as basic as the sun.

We just returned from a visit from our home near Johnson City, New York, downstate to relatives.  This included my husband's aunt, who will turn 103 next month.  A couple of months ago, she had fallen and broken her hip. She is back home after surgery and a stint in rehab, but has lost her independence.  She still has a zest for life, though, and a hardy appetite.

We had a nice visit with her and other relatives.

It made me appreciate the ability to travel and even to go outside to enjoy the outdoors.  And, today, something wonderful happened.

Our part of upstate New York has been covered by thick clouds for most of December.  We had snow on the ground.  The snow gradually melted and was not replaced, but the gloom remained.  Then, suddenly, today, the sun came out and it got into the 40's.

On a day like this, everything glows.  Things you took for granted a couple of months ago suddenly bring such joy.
West Side of Binghamton 12-26
Things such as a dandelion.
West Side of Binghamton, 12-26
The last of someone's mums.
Westover, 12-26
The sun going down over the Susquehanna River

And sunset today near my backyard.

How many more years, I wonder, will I be granted to see marvels such as these everyday sights?

Learn the lessons of life - it is fleeting, and it should never be taken for granted.


  1. What a beautiful post! It's true, there are so many gifts in each day - we should never take any of them for granted!

  2. Such an important life lesson, thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we all do forget to enjoy and appreciate all we can do.

  3. You're so right about appreciating everything around you. Your husband's aunt has reached an impressive age. The stories she could tell.

  4. This is a timely post for me. Just having had major surgery. The small things in life that are taken for granted. Am grateful that I am able to get up and walk around now and start to mobilize again.

  5. Life is full of adventure. But now the elderly and disable have more choices. I do in home care. Which helps the people to be more independent and be able to stay in there own places.
    Coffee is on


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