Thursday, December 25, 2014

Historic Caroling

A short post today, as the pictures and music will tell the story.

I have stories of two different holiday music performances.

Each December, Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, located in downtown Binghamton, New York, opens its lobby doors to the public for holiday caroling by their employees.

Holiday decorations in the historic lobby.
Singers and musicians on the balcony.

On one of the two staircases, employees sing both religious and secular holiday songs, ending each year with "Feliz Navidad"
More photos here.

The other music is from the Joybells of Melmark, a handbell choir organized by an organization that "serves 1,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities, autism, brain injuries and genetic diagnoses in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts."  They performed yesterday on The Today Show but have given performances in other places.  You can click on the link above for some of their music, again, both secular and religious.

To my readers who celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas to you.


  1. I love Christmas Carols. What a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful setting to listen to Christmas carols. Season's greetings to you too, my friend in the written word.


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