Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blue Skies Sunshine and a Trampoline?

What a day for a science experiment.

Today, where I live in upstate New York, I was greeted by the sun streaming through my window.  Half asleep, I knew what that meant.

It was bitterly cold outside.  It was eight above zero.  (-13 Celsius)
When I took this picture, it was 12.(-11 Celsius). The rhododendrons are not happy. (Actually, this is a normal behavior when it is cold, to conserve moisture, and they will be fine when the weather gets warmer).

In January and February, about the only time we see the sun is when it is brrr cold.  So that's why my spouse and I are planning to go through some seed catalogs this weekend, and plan our garden for the year.

But nothing beats this Minneapolis, Minnesota principal's ice experiments. 

Especially this one, which has now gone viral.

This man heads an inner city school, and inspires his students with these experiments.  Pretty awesome, in my opinion.

(My Local Saturday returns next Saturday).

What do you do when it is cold (if you get cold winters where you live)?


  1. We get some very cold winters! I'm planning the garden out right now, too. Hoping to get some starts going inside pretty soon.

    1. Good luck with your 2015 garden. We didn't do our planning after all. Blame football playoffs!

  2. I tend to hibernate when it's cold! We seem to have very similar weather and temps here in Maine to what you post about there in NY. Even inside, during these frigid winter days, I like to wrap up in sweaters, fleece pants, blankets, and even a scarf around my neck - and I also have my fur babies (dogs and cats) who snuggle up wtih me and keep me warm!

    1. My uniform tends to me a warm jogging outfit, wool socks, shoes. Haven't tried a scarf yet-which reminds me I want to look for a pattern for a crocheted infinity scarf. They look so warm!


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