Friday, January 9, 2015

It's the Almost Wonderful Time of the Year

What is the most wonderful time of the year?

Some people say December is the most wonderful time of the year.

That could be for some, but for others, the most wonderful time of the year is January.

Why do I say that?  My hatred of snow and cold is well known by my blog readers.

Because cold takes us hostage and, while we are huddled in our homes, we keep warm in our imaginations.  We read.  We crochet.  We blog.  We edit our NaNoWriMo manuscript.

During the holidays, in all the busyness, catalogs have been coming in the mail.  In our house, they are piled on a table as they come in.   Our mental energy is elsewhere.

Then, one day, my spouse and I decide it is time.

For us, it is the day the notification that it is time to renew our community garden plots comes in the mail. (We almost didn't have one this year, a blog post for another time.)

The notification came yesterday.  It's official - we have a community garden!

This weekend, out come the catalogs.

Right now, the 2015 gardening season is perfect.  In our imagination, every planted seed germinates. There are no insect or mammal pests.
In our dreams, none of these critters exist.

Bountiful harvests await. There are no failures.  Rainbows stretch from one end of our community garden plots to the other.
The first tomatoes are such a thrill.

In that perfect garden here are no rocks in the soil.  No droughts.  Nobody steals our crops (sadly, that has happened at times).

Now, when we go through the catalogs, we will find DIFFERENT things to grow.  Plants so tempting, we just must try them. 

Then, there are the favorites we come back to year after year.

What will we find in the catalogs?  Would you like to know? (Of course you do.  You wouldn't be reading my blog if you didn't want to know.  Admit it.)

In this year of being DIFFERENT (my word for this year), I can still hardly wait to read those catalogs.

Do you garden?


  1. Me too am a fan of gardening. It's benefits over staying healthy, interacting in the community gardening, feeling good and happy seeing the beautiful crops, which is creativity too, are endless. Enjoy your gardening.

  2. Hey, have you ever heard of/do you have an Aerogarden?? You can grow indoors, and they even have cherry tomatoes you can grow! While you're waiting for spring to come along so you can start planting, you can have an indoor garden :)

  3. My grandma use to have the most beautiful and colorful garden. Good luck on your 2015 growing!

  4. I like to garden, too. That nice warm earth in your hands. And those darn people who send the tempting flower/plant catalogs in the dreariest part of the year seem to know that, too! It's so much fun to look at the beautiful flowers and dream about springtime. Although none of the items I've ever ordered looked remotely like the photos, the catalogs suck me in every time.

  5. I like to garden, too (ah - the warm earth in your hands), and it seems the people who send the flower/plant catalogs during the dreariest time of year know that, too. None of the items I've ever ordered look remotely like the photos, but, nonetheless, the catalogs suck me in every time.

  6. Oh, Alana, this is a very happy time of year for me, too. I've got a pile on my table much like your pile, and I can't wait to dig into them and start planning! And good news for you, Alana, my friend Gene shared his extensive seed catalog list with me, and I published it here (just for you!!) :

  7. Too cold here in Maine for me to be able to think about gardens - we had a -28 wind chill going on the other night, and it snowed again today.

    I will plant flowers when spring finally arrives, though!

  8. Hmmm, I'm not a gardener but I think January is a pretty good month. A lot of hope for the new year and, as a teacher, new semester. February and March are usually the bleakest months for me, though.

  9. Planning is a wonderful opportunity to let your imagination run free without the drawback of practicality. I remember the plans that came to fruition in my garden about 10 years ago. I've kept the layouts with every plant marked. Most of them are gone now and the soil has been covered by a membrane to prevent weeds and seedlings springing up from the giant trees we overlook. Dream away.

  10. Thanks for the reminder--it's time to plan our own garden! Funny how it sneaked up on me. We have some things to do in the back yard and I'd better get crackin'!

  11. How fun to dream about a garden in the dead of winter when there isn't much greenery to look at. I enjoyed reading about your anticipation of your garden this spring. I must admit I don't have much of a green thumb and grow great weeds!


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