Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Perfect Greeting Card

When I was ten years old, my father was hospitalized with a life threatening case of pneumonia.  For three days we didn't know if he would live or die.  He lived, but developed complications that required he be hospitalized for almost two months.  

I missed him terribly.  In those days (the early 1960's) children my age could not visit their hospitalized parents, at least in the VA hospital in the Bronx where he was being cared for.

So I did the next best thing.  I spent my days making get well cards for him.  As time passed, they became more and more elaborate.  I poured my heart and soul into them.  My mother, in turn, would bring the cards to him when she visited him.

I wish I had even one of those cards.  I am curious to know what they looked like and what they said.  I only have vague memories of the content of the cards, although I have clear memories of some of the other things my Mom and I did together as we waited for my Dad to return home.  What I do know is, they were filled with love, and my creativity flourished as I designed each card.

Fast forward almost fifty years.

I am looking for the perfect greeting cards for several people I know.
A Nice Card Cover?
The cards are for people with serious illnesses. They are meant to let the person know he/she is not forgotten, and that I am thinking of them.  Short, sweet and not smelling of "you, the recipient, know from the wording that you are doomed."

I would rather buy the cards locally.  There is a company called Cardthartic whose cards I particularly enjoy, but the local dealers seem to stock mostly birthday cards.
Then, one day, I thought of those long ago cards for my Dad.  Shouldn't I be writing my own greeting cards?

Just as I did 50 years ago.

So, I have bought some blank cards with nice covers.  I am not trying to compete with Hallmark, but I am a writer, after all.   I should be able to write a line or two.

I do wish, though, that there was a nice line of cards, easy to purchase, for times like this.


  1. Hi Alana,

    With your writing skills, you can create awesome greeting cards! Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you. I hope so. It isn't easy to write a greeting for a serious ill person - but I think I am up to the challenge.

  2. A great idea! I know from experience it isnt easy finding cards such as these. I think you should take your idea and RUN with it. Make millions.

    1. I wish it was that simple, but I appreciate your faith in me!

  3. I love making custom cards for people! They are more special that way <3 Good luck in your card making adventures!

  4. I think that finding something perfect will take forever because perfection is realtive and an Ideal that hard to reach. Speaking from the heart is your best bet to get thier

  5. This is a great idea! I would love to receive more personalized cards from people. I'm sure there are lots of others who feel the same way.

  6. Personalized cards show more love and affection. I am sure you will be able to come up with beautiful cards. :)

  7. Good for you! I like making personalized cards, too. So much more special and then you can really express what you want to say.

    Lately I have tried my hand at making inspirational posters, combining my photos with favourite quotes. I really enjoy making them and have even made photobooks of them. I should make cards out of them, too.

    Good for you. You've inspired me to make hand made cards again as I enjoy scrapbooking and hands on projects off the computer as well.

    Happy Creating and thanks for the inspiration!

  8. They are the perfect greeting cards that you make -personally. I love the greeting cards made by my son and daughter. They are from the heart. How can a stranger far away know what my kids want to say to me? Very beautiful post Alana. And do post some of the cards that you come up with. It will inspire many of us :)

  9. I am not into cards. But if I have to give it to someone close i would write something in addition to the printed lines. Never did it strike if there could be blank cards.
    Birthday, anniversary messages are easy to write but as you said writing for a seriously sick person is a challenge. Your sharing of such cards will be inspiring for us.


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