Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Wonders - Trees

The sun has been out recently, here in upstate New York, after a long stretch of dreary, cloudy weather.

It isn't always a good thing to have sunny weather.  For example, my guess is, we will have a sunny day today.  Right now (6:15 am) it is -3 F (-16 C).

But there is a beauty in dreary winter weather, when you look at it close up.

Today, I feature some of the work of my guest photographer, who lives out in the country, and takes walks in the woods to bring me some photos of her country world.

These pictures were taken in mid December, during our dreary spell.
For instance, this frozen beech leaf, still on the tree, makes a wonderful close up.
Baby trees, covered in snow.

And, you never know what you will find around the bend.

What is the weather like for you today?


  1. Alana, Winter in New York looks cold and dreary as you stated but i also see peaceful walks. Love the photo.

  2. Hi Alana, Someone asked me how people living in your environment stand the weather. Does the blood consistency change?

  3. Those are lovely pictures. Your guest photographer is brave. I'm all for a good hike, but not in those temperatures. I feel a bit bad about complaining because of the 14 days straight of rain while the temperatures are still in the 40s. I guess I should be thankful it isn't -3 and snowing. Stay warm up there.

  4. I herd warn weather is coming.
    Coffee is on

  5. I'm not even sure what it's like yet, as it is still dark and I haven't checked the forecast! I guess it will be a surprise!

    I like the way you try to find beauty in the snow and winter, although I know you don't really like it...

  6. Today started out sunny and mild here in England. Now, clouds have covered the sky. We haven't really has any cold weather, and no snow where I live in the south of England. Leaves and even a couple of sorry roses remain on the bushes outside my window.

  7. Sometimes you need those clouds to keep the heat close to the earth. Anticipating spring here. I dislike the cold.


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