Monday, June 29, 2015

The Sound of Rainfall

Yesterday, I woke up a little before 5am.  The sound of heavy rain does that to me.

I lay in the bed.  At one time, I loved the sound of rain.  But, as someone who has had experience with her neighborhood flooding, the sound is stressful now.

It has been since September of 2011.

I couldn't sleep.  Then, a bird started to sing.  I knew it was near dawn, because that is what birds do.  Sing. Even if flooding is just around the corner.

It was too dark to go down to the park near the river, several blocks from me (complete with flood falls that were breached "last time").  And, I really didn't want to know if there was any water in the basement.

So I lay there, listening to the other birds who were joining the first bird in the daily pre-dawn chorus.  I listened to the rain, bathed in anxiety.

Finally, I went downstairs to my laptop, and started to write today's post.  I looked at my smartphone.  No weather alerts. Relief.  For now.

The rain stopped and I went back to sleep.

It rained on and off yesterday, as it did in much of the Northeast.  I will just have to wait patiently and see what happens.

That's all any of us can do.


  1. We've been waking to the sound of rain on many - I might even say most - mornings this spring. And the wetness seems to be carrying into summer. But no complaints from me. Having lived through drought, I prefer our present weather.

  2. It has been extremely rainy with many flash flood warnings around here. :-/

    The singing bird was a sign for Noah that the flood waters were drying up. Perhaps the bird was yet another sign for you this morning!

  3. I'm so sorry. I know that anxiety. Not to that extent, of course. (The water on the back patio would pool and come into the house when it rained too hard, so I had to keep after the drain.)

  4. Just goes to show--worry doesn't achieve anything. Better to accept what comes like a bird and chirp. Of course, they can fly above any flood. Chuckle.

  5. Francene is an amazing lady and she talks sense. Her smile makes us forget all the challenges. And i agree to what she says - Worry doesn't achieve anything.

    However, the rains and the chirping bird made me a bit nostalgic and it took me to my good old teen days. this post had that earthiness which i always love.

  6. There is something soothing about rain on a roof/window. Sounds like you know the other side of freak weather, I remember reading about those floods in 2011.


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